Are you a current/prospective client?

If you’re looking for our w9 and/or Certificate of Insurance to a) establish EducationHall as an approved vendor for your organization and/or b) verify that we’re covered (in the unlikely event that things go haywire), look no further. Below you’ll find three documents (including two versions of the COI: one for Professional Liability, the other for General Liability.

General Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance


Need a sole source letter?

Are you interested in retaining EducationHall’s services for work that is really only offered by EducationHall? Download the Sole Source letter if that helps you bypass the bid system for expertise and/or proprietary materials/resources that only EducationHall offers.

Sole Source Letter

Satisfaction…guaranteed (our cancellation/refund policy)

There aren’t a ton of guarantees in this world, so we thought we’d try to add one to the list. If the services and/or products we provide for you aren’t up to par, we’ll work tirelessly and directly with you to make it right.

We’ll gladly replace or exchange items that don’t meet your expectations, and if the professional-development delivery, consultation, coaching, or other services leave excess room for improvement, well…we’ll improve them! 

Simply let us know within 72 hours of the delivery of products and/or services, and we’ll work with you to replace, reissue, or reformat the work in question. We believe our array of professional-development services are among the most impactful and practical in the field, and we’ll stand behind that claim.

Email: Info@EducationHall.com for more information.

Thank you for putting your trust in EducationHall for your professional development needs!