Leadership Mentoring

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

 EducationHall Executive Director Pete Hall is now offering 1:1 principal mentoring/coaching support for administrators in all stages of their professional journey. Pete served 12 years as a principal in three schools, earning multiple honors as a leadership expert and turnaround specialist. Trained and certificated through the NAESP National Principals Mentoring Certification Program (and subsequently serving as a trainer in that program), Pete has effectively mentored principals, instructional coaches, assistant principals, department chairs, aspiring principals, and district-level administrators across the country – and internationally – since 2004.

What is the goal of leadership mentoring?

Quite simply, Pete will partner with you to help you achieve your goal, whatever that may be. The scope, content, and outcomes are determined by you. That said, the emphasis in this partnership is on building your leadership capacity. Equipping leaders with the requisite skills, reflective habits, and courageous dispositions to positively impact learning and teaching within the schoolhouse is the focus. Your needs drive the specific mentoring relationship.

What Theory of Action inspires this mentoring?

Research on professional/leadership mentoring reports higher job satisfaction, greater sense of efficacy, stronger relationships, increased performance, better retention, and a host of other positive outcomes (The Education Alliance at Brown University, 2003; Wallace Foundation, 2007; National Association of Elementary School Principals, 2017; UC Davis, 2022). IF you partner with a qualified mentor in a strategic, differentiated, ongoing, job-embedded partnership, THEN you’re more likely to achieve your goals and grow as a leader.

What will the mentoring partnership look like?

Pete will sit down with you to discuss your goals, your “mision” (the place where your mission – what drives you – and your vision – what it looks like in your ideal future – intersect), and your definition of success. Then you’ll craft a tactical plan for achieving your goals and growing as a reflective – and effective – leader. Over the course of the mentoring period, you’ll communicate, collaborate, reflect, and revise your approaches to remain calibrated towards your goals. Pete will provide tailored support to challenge and extend your thinking about your responsibilities, matching his support with your needs.

Is there a mentoring curriculum or materials to support this work?

All of that will be determined by your goals. There is no pre-programmed package, since each and every principal’s context, goals, “mision,” and success criteria is unique. Pete is the lead author of multiple best-selling educational/leadership books, and has an extensive Professional Learning Network to support your partnership. The following chart illustrates some of the areas in which this partnership can grow your leadership capacity:

What is on the Menu of Mentoring Services?

On-site Visits

(typically 3 per year, fall-winter-spring – or choose the deluxe monthly-visit package to truly go deeper and accelerate your growth as a leader)

Pete will spend the day with you on your campus, engaging in discussions and activities designed collaboratively to support your growth. Visit classrooms, debrief feedback, brainstorm, analyze data, process scenarios, set goals, revise action plans, participate in team meetings, examine a problem-of-practice, you name it.

Phone Calls & Virtual Sessions

(1-2 hours per month, recommended)

These calls provide an opportunity for you to update and/or refine your goals and action plans, reflect, debrief your leadership moves, and discuss the goings-on at your building. The total amount of time is determined by you and your needs, scheduled as often as you need to connect.

Email & Text Connect


Need we say more? Pete’s usual response time is 24 hours for an email; even less for a text.


(TBD by mentor & mentee, depending on what’s necessary to achieve the goal)

This is a partnership designed to support your growth as a leader – with success defined collaboratively – so if there’s something special you’ll need to proceed, you and Pete can work it out together.

What is the cost of this partnership? That will be determined by the scope, duration, and content of the mentoring plan. Since it’s personalized to help you meet your goals, the fee structure will be created in accordance with the plan. Submit the form below to begin the conversation and obtain a quote:

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“The school year visits provided opportunities for Pete to listen, to question and to fine tune my thinking with a strong emphasis on actionable items to hone my current skills & leadership practices, particularly in the areas of visionary and instructional leadership. A key component to my learning was the monthly goal setting that required me to realistically self-assess and configure desired outcomes for the month and then covert these outcomes into actionable steps. These plans were then shared with Pete who provided feedback and supporting protocols or activities to support this work.”

– Jen H, elementary principal, NH

“The coaching I received from Pete helped me to be more evaluative of my decisions as an instructional leader through continuous reflection and transparency: set goals, celebrate small successes, and grow the potential of others. Personally, Pete helped me to learn to be reflective, prioritize, and set goals.”

– Ericka H, middle school principal, SC

“Pete’s questioning drove me to reflect on my own practices and steps I wanted to take in leadership. His positivity is contagious, and I strive to have that same positivity to affect my school. Everything was an opportunity to learn – we can always find a way to do better next time and improve our outcomes.”

– Katie G, instructional coach, WA

“Pete’s mentorship contributed to making me a more effective leader. It really made a difference.”

– Reina S, elementary school principal, TX

“The support I received from Pete was consistent. He trusted me and followed up which gave me the courage to try things and know I could go to him for clarification or help. Ultimately, the mentoring allowed me to believe that I had the capacity to do the job.”

– Amanda R, principal, Latvia