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Accomplishing educational excellence in today’s educational climate is a challenging task. Educators need not tackle it alone. Invite the professionals from EducationHall to share battle-tested innovations, provide research-proven professional development, and work alongside your leadership teams to accomplish the mission: increased student achievement.

EducationHall offers a tremendous variety of services, all geared to maximize your learning institution’s student output, through professional development designed to build the capacity of those in influential roles.

Every item on the menu below is tailored to fit your needs. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to help you meet your goals. You’re in the driver’s seat – how can we help you?

Tailored workshops: You define your needs for our time and expertise, and we’ll put together a workshop, presentation, or seminar to fit the bill. Professional development has never been so fitting – work with our consultant corps to ensure a high-yield, high-energy, high-powered session.

Mini-conferences:In diverse organizations, choice is a commodity. Sometimes one session won’t work for every position. We will put together a menu of services that match your organization’s wishes and needs. From a one-day mini-conference to a five-day retreat, we will provide the comprehensive professional development you need.

Series training: Research supports the implementation of ongoing, embedded professional development. Our batch of tailored series, with an optional Internet component, offers repeated contact with professional consultants on a weekly or monthly basis. Select from:

  • Leadership Induction Series (for new and/or prospective administrators)
  • Leadership Enhancement Series (for anyone in a leadership role)
  • School Improvement Series (for leadership teams and/or administrators)
  • Leading with Instructional Coaches Series (for coaches and/or administrators)

Individual leadership mentoring: The school principal is arguably the most influential role in education today. It is also the most challenging. EducationHall Executive Director Pete Hall, a National Principals Mentoring Certificate holder, will work directly with your new (or veteran) principal or assistant principal to strengthen skills and knowledge while encouraging consistent self-reflection and growth.

Instructional coaching design and development: One of the newest innovations in education today is the advent of the instructional coach. If your school or district has coaches or is considering the position, invite our expert consultants join you in identifying the goals, designing the model, developing the structure, and providing the necessary support to make the position successful.

Site or Program analysis/audit: Our team of researchers and consultants, all current practicing educators, will provide a thorough analysis of a school site, district initiative, or specialty program. Through interviews, on-site observations, questionnaires, and data analysis, our Walkthrough Teams will outline strengths, challenges, and gaps; suggest goals, alterations, or refinements; and provide a detailed written report. If applicable, we will follow-up with tailored professional development sessions to meet your needs.

School improvement planning: Every school, no matter how effective, has room for improvement. It is often difficult, however, to determine where to start, where to go next, or how to cultivate the plan. Choose from a format that allows our professional consultants, experts in school improvement, to work with your team to identify goals, articulate the plan, create action steps, and focus on increasing student achievement.

Keynote addresses: Fire up the troops with a high-octane, entertaining, and relevant presentation. Whether it opens a district conference, rejuvenates a staff returning from vacation, or kicks off a new initiative, our keynote speakers know that this is the “face of the work.” We will tailor the topic and content to fit your audience.

Professional development for teachers: Classroom instruction is the #1 determinant of student success. Why not strengthen the people who affect the ultimate outcome: student learning? From workshops to lesson modeling to coaching and observations, our instructional consultants will help propel your teaching staff to a new level of effectiveness. All sessions and topics tailored to your needs.

Professional development for parapros: Paraprofessionals are held to high standards of instructional delivery; however, they rarely obtain the same depth and quality of professional development as their certificated counterparts. Invite our instructional consultants to work directly with classified staff to build their skills and knowledge base – and watch that transfer into improved instruction with children.

Support for struggling teachers: Just as some students need additional interventions, some teachers demonstrate the need for support and personalized attention. Through a strengths-based coaching model, our professional consultants will work with an individual teacher to assist in embracing change, adapting practice, bolstering skills, or any of dozens of topics, all tailored to your needs.

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